Welcome to Cairde Sligo Arts Festival 2018

Welcome to our new-look Cairde Sligo Arts Festival – our eight-day cultural adventure set amidst the backdrop of the stunning Wild Atlantic Way. We invite you to join us for a feast of eclectic events and happenings taking place right across Sligo town and county for this year’s Festival.

Now in its tenth year, Cairde Sligo Arts Festival has been on a journey since its inception in 2008. Since then, we have been steadily growing the Festival each year; adding new strands of work, collaborating with a great number of artist and arts organisations, building support and gaining many friends, and creating many great memories along the way.

Supported by a loyal and experienced voluntary team, the Festival is taking great leaps in 2018 with enhanced programming and engagement with artists, new venues and locations, and wider promotion and publicity.

As part of an ambitious three-year development, 2018 sees a major re-brand and visual identity for the Festival which rolls out this summer.

Inspired by the creative energy of Ireland’s Northwest, today’s Cairde Sligo Arts Festival is a unique coming together of artists and audiences.

It is a celebration of imagination, and shared experience, that welcomes all.

This is your invitation to imagination – come join us!

Tara McGowan
Festival Director 

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