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music for device possessed of speaker w/ wattage of transistor radio dangled off bike handle c.1950s

September 18, 2020 - March 31, 2021

music for device possessed of speaker w/ wattage of transistor radio dangled off bike handle c.1950s

Owen Kilfeather (2020)

A composition to accompany a sound walk around Sligo town, creating an aural experience between the listener and the environment. Duration 18 minutes.

Instructions for use: Starting at the mural of the wolf in Stephen Street car park (marked X on the map), walk the route around Sligo town at a leisurely pace (for example, from the starting point to the other side of the footbridge should take you approximately two minutes). Please exercise caution while walking through town, crossing roads and navigating past other pedestrians, whether listening through headphones or through the speaker of your mobile device. The music is designed to be heard in conjunction with sounds from the environment during the walk so excessive volume is not necessary.

Recommendation: At the starting point before setting out, take five minutes of silent observation of the various sound sources in the area (people, birds, rushing water, etc.). Identify as many as you can and, imagining that each sound exists in its own separate channel in a mixing board in your head, focus on each one in turn, turning it up so you hear it as being foremost in the mix, then turn it down and bring up the next sound.

Owen Kilfeather is a composer, writer and filmmaker from Sligo. Strong ties to Barcelona, having been resident there between 2003-2017, something which afforded him a broad range of musical experience from classical, rock, avant-garde, jazz, metal, choral, noise, gamelan, folk, barbershop and sound art in line-ups from solo to orchestra, as well as collaborations with filmmakers, visual artists, performance artists, poets and dancers. Worked as a house composer/curator for Barcelona-based avant-music label Discordian Records and theatre group Tiamat Teatre; performed with chamber choir ARSinNOVA and the first ever Spanish gamelan ensemble, Gamelan Penempaan Guntur. He has been involved in the composition, production and/or performance of some thirty recordings, and currently composes for/performs with Miss Foreign Affairs, Gulpt and Ensemble PMV.



September 18, 2020
March 31