Cairde Young Curators Open Call for Artworks In Any Medium

Re-told, Situating folklore, legends and myths in the modern world.

We are delighted to announce an Open Call for artworks in any medium as part of our work with Cairde Young Curators. 

Cairde Young Curators (CYC) have been exploring the area of folklore, myth and legend and how that resonates in the modern world. Our young curator panel would love to hear from artists and members of the public who have created work in any medium that take an aspect of folklore as their inspiration point.

Have you created a painting inspired by the Greek Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice? or maybe a costume based on the Celtic Goddess Danu? or a song that tells the story of the great rebel pirate, Anne Bonny? Cairde Young Curators (CYC) invite you to reconnect through remembering and find inspiration through others’ imagination. If you have created work that is inspired by the mythological, we would love to hear from you.

Sirens and Kelpies both lured sailors to their ultimate doom, but they are mythological stories from different eras and cultures. Folklore, legends and myths still relate to the world we live in today. Cairde Young Curators are interested in placing these stories in the modern world.


Open to artists and members of the public.


Any medium; dancers, make-up artists, musicians, painters, poets, photographers, theatre makers, sculptors, digital artists, environmental artists, culinary artists, filmmakers, jewellers, costume designers, performance artists, spoken word artists, storytellers etc.


Email your application to .

Include a short biography and a brief outline of your work, (max 200 words) along with images of your initial work (no more than 2MB per image); or a short video (2 minutes max, max file size 5MB) or sound file, or please include links to your work in your statement/bio’.

The submission is your interpretation of an aspect of folklore, legend or myth in your chosen medium.

Deadline for submission is: 14th May


All submissions will be reviewed by the CYC panel. Three Artists will be chosen to work with Cairde Young Curators on ways to present their work to the public as part of Cairde Sligo Arts Festival in July 2021.

Each of the three selected participants will be paid an honorarium of €300 (and will have an opportunity to talk about their work in a Q&A with CYC, who will devise a Covid friendly platform for their work).

CYC are Caoimhe Davidson, Evelyn Davidson, Megan Oldham & Odhrán Smyth, working with visual artist Andy Parsons and theatre artist Sinead Sexton.


Entries will be accepted from 19th April to 14th May

Open call is for artists and members of the public of any age.

Please make sure your images are in JPG and PNG format, video in MP4 format and sound in mp3 format.

The winners will be informed privately by email, and formally announced during the festival on 3rd July.

The open call is open to anyone from The Republic of Ireland, international submissions can’t be considered at this time.

You will be informed of the Cairde Young Curators decisions by 28th May

In the event that an in-person event is devised by the CYC in response to your work, the transportation of artwork/equipment form the artists home to the place where it will be displayed is the artists responsibility.

Works can be in any form, Existing works and works in progress are eligible. CYC are unable to commission new work at this time.

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