Cairde Sligo Arts Festival 2017

Park Fest

Cairde Parkfest


Sun July 9 12pm to 7 pm

Park Fest

The Peace Park

Join us for another spectacular day out in Sligo’s Peace Park.  Park Fest marks the first day celebrations of Cairde Sligo Arts Festival and is a day-long event featuring music, theatre, storytelling, circus, art workshops and a range of food & craft stalls serving a range of delicious goods where the emphasis is on local.

This year’s Park Fest line up includes music performances by Erdini, The Wranglers, The Mass Band with street theatre performances by The Raven Sisters and Caolan McBride. We invite you to join us for a world of wonder & delight and magical happenings in curious spaces – expect the unexpected and allow your own imagination to run free! Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy Sligo’s favourite giant garden party.